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Baby, This is Keke Palmer

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Keke Palmer invites “Abbott Elementary” creator and star Quinta Brunson on her new Amazon Music podcast, “Baby, this is Keke Palmer.” The two stars discussed their favorite sitcoms and how people are constantly ripping apart TV shows from the past. Read more and listen below.

Palmer often creates online discourse with her various topics online, but this one about sitcom TV is heating up. Her and Brunson talk about why the Twitter threads around classic sitcoms like Fresh Prince break Quinta’s heart.

“I watch on Twitter and I see, you know, our old sitcoms that people have loved,” Palmer opens the conversation on the podcast. “Like from ‘Girlfriends’ to ‘The Parkers’ or any of these shows, I start to see them slowly be torn apart.”

Palmer goes onto talk about how the Girlfriends is a sitcom meant to convey irony, but today those nuances are missed.

“That’s the other thing about sitcoms is they’re ironic,” Palmer shares. “What do you think has happened in society that the nuances of sitcom being that way is something that people can’t sometimes, sometimes can’t take?”

Brunson talks about how heart breaking it has become to read tweets from social media users about classic TV shows.

“It breaks my heart, man,” Brunson recounts. “It’s so strange. I don’t know why there’s this inclination to rip apart the things from the past. Like, I don’t know why it makes me really sad.”

She notes that she left Twitter to avoid people’s comments about it, “And it’s one of the main reasons I personally had to come off Twitter. I can’t see that anymore. I can’t take it. And no one saying you can’t interrogate the art of the past. No one’s saying that.”

Brunson feels that there’s a “lack of respect for craft in the time.” She continues, “And yes, what the world was at the end, if we can’t embrace and appreciate our history, that’s not just TV, but that’s just period, then we’re not going to move forward in a positive way. And honestly, I think that’s what we’re seeing now. I think we’re having trouble moving forward because people are really – they just insist on tearing the past to shreds.”

The two TV queens continued talking about their favorite sitcoms from the past, sharing their “unpopular opinon” about a show they just can’t get behind and their shared loved for one another and Issa Rae.

Be sure to listen to the full episode for yourself to Keke Palmer’s new podcast, “Baby, this is Keke Palmer” here.