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Kelly Rowland is not with the shenanigans today. The entertainer sat down on popular radio show “Ebro in the Morning” and quickly corrected host Peter Rosenberg. Rosenberg projected his thoughts about her being second best to who he calls “the brightest light,” Beyoncé. Check out a clip from the interview to watch Kelly gracefully read Rosenberg for filth.

In the short viral clip, the Hot 97 radio show “Ebro in the Morning” is joined by upcoming family film “Fantasy Football” stars Kelly Rowland and Marsai Martin. Rosenberg attempts to give Kelly her “flowers.” He says, “I have to give you your flowers for your ability to play second to Beyoncé.” It was an unnecessary dig and disservice to all the work Kelly Rowland, former member of girl group Destiny’s Child, has done to build her own solo career.

Rosenberg goes on to say, “Everyone who gets in the entertainment gets into it to be the one.”

It seems like the 43 year old media personality is projecting his own ideas and emotions onto Rowland. “Just me working with Ebro,” he adds. “My ego has to be in check.”

To make matters worse, he goes onto say that Rowland’s position in Destiny’s Child must have been challenging.

“You happen to be standing next to the brightest light on planet Earth,” Rosenberg says to Rowland in the interview. “Like you think Big Boi from Outkast has it tough being next to Andre. You’re with Beyonce and not only did you not fight it. It seemed like you loved the position that you were in.”

Rowland’s response was quick witted and graceful. She comments, “Here’s the thing light attracts light. I am light. So I am a beautiful brown shining light so I don’t think anybody’s light dims anyone else’s.”

The long-time star takes a subtle jab at Rosenberg comparing her to Beyoncé, who is her former group mate, friend and sister.

“I think when other people start to compare you it shows how dim they think of themselves,” Rowland adds. “So I don’t take someone else trying to dim my light anymore for anybody else. I love Bey. I know that she’s a light but I know that I’m a light as well.”

Marsai doesn’t make any outward comments, but quietly agrees alongside Kelly.

Rosenberg still objects commenting that Beyoncé is one of the biggest stars in the world. Kelly tries not to show her annoyance with Rosenberg and simply shares, “Yes and her best friend slash big sister is also one of the biggest stars in the world.”

She goes on to shift the conversation back to their purpose on the show, “We both shine together. I’m shining with Marsai. We’re shinging together.”

Rowland points out one of the issues in society today being that people believe their can only be one woman doing one thing.

“Well only one woman can do this and they shine the biggest,” Rowland points out. “It’s just a cycle and a space for all of us to open up doors for each other instead of compare. Don’t be so limited.”

Kelly still managed to praise her sister and friend Beyoncé for empowering black women and putting them in other places. While sharing how she hopes to do the same.

Fans commented how tired they are for Rowland, who’s been asked the same line of questioning for years. It is getting old and we’ll stop talking about it right…now.

Chile, anyway! “Fantasy Football” starring Kelly Rowland, Marsai Martin and Omari Hardwick is headed to the big screen Friday, November 25.

Check out the viral clip below: