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Oh, how we have missed “Caresha, Please” on Revolt TV. This Thursday (Dec. 22) rapper and host Caresha is back with her next guest G Herbo. The two are ruffling feathers as they dive into their personal lives with a game of “Resha Roulette.” Check out a teaser of the episode inside before it drops on the platform.

On the next episode of her podcast, Caresha sits down with Chicago rapper G Herbo to discuss some pretty intimate dealings of his life. The short promotional teaser for the episode opens up with Caresha saying, “It’s time to get to the smoke.”

Caresha questions why people are scared of the smoke and G Herbo admits that people are are scared of her, because she’s intimidating. Caresha goes on to address a line in Quavo & Takeoff’s song, “Messy,” which says “I said, ‘Caresha, please’ ’cause she too messy.” G Herbo happily sings along in reference to the song.

Then, Caresha reveals her newest drinking game titled “Resha Roulette,” where she fires off a round of intimate questions that force G Herbo to address his personal life.

“Do your two baby mamas get along,” Caresha asked him in the clip. “Did you cheat on Ari with Taina? Taina walked in on you cheating with someone?”

G Herbo appears dumbfounded and responds with, “Huh?” Shortly after, he starts asking the questions. G Herbo asked Caresha if she knew about Diddy’s new baby before the public.

“Did you know about that baby before October,” G Herbo questioned Caresha. The two laughed the awkwardness away and it quickly cuts to an advertisement for her latest game.

The episode is certainly the messy entertainment we have been missing. It also seems like they are both being good sports about it and laughing their way through the uncomfortable conversation.

Be sure to tune into Revolt’s YouTube or website to watch the next episode of “Caresha, Please” featuring G Herbo.

Watch the short teaser clip below: