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Happy New Year! In 2023, embrace your main character energy. There’s room for new goals, passions and updated perspectives. Take our New Year’s quiz to determine which character archetype you are this year.

There are 12 common character archetypes in most famous works of literature and films. They include: the lover, the hero, the magician, the outlaw, the explorer, the sage, the innocent, the creator, the ruler, the caregiver, the everyman, and the jester.

These character archetypes are essential to any great story. Whether they’re the jester bringing joy to all or a hero who is courageous saving the day, there are a plethora of strengths to each one.

As you reflect on 2022, ask yourself: “which character do I want to be in my own story?” We can write our stories however we want, and each year we add more chapters to the great book of our lives.

Some people may be uncomfortable embracing the main character energy many social media users talk about online. That is perfectly fine, but whether you like it or not, everyone is the main character in their own story.

We created a quiz to identify which character archetype you are in 2023. We narrowed it down to five main character archetypes: the hero, the explorer, the creator, the outlaw, and the jester.

This year is about taking on the version of you that best serves you. Whether you’re invested in saving the day, traveling, creating, entertaining or being the bad guy, there’s a character type for everyone.

Take the quiz below to find out which one you are and comment your character archetype below: