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Former Pretty Rickey group member Spectacular shares a heartfelt video with his son Makhiari. Spectacular shares his excitement after finally being able to move his teenage son out to Los Angeles. Check out the emotional video inside.

Spectacular has transformed his career from successful R&B crooner to social media millionaire as the Chairman & CEO at Adwizar, which is the dominant social media brand in the urban music space. The company manges the Facebook accounts for popular artists like Bow Wow, Kevin Gates, Soulja Boy, Master P, Birdman, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and countless others.

He has taken his knack for social media management, influencer marketing and viral content to help others achieve the same or even greater success. He is the founder of the Spectacular Academy, which breaks business down to the basics to ensure his clients create their own masterpiece to success.

A proven entrepreneur since the tender age of 11 years old, Spectacular is helping the world with his digital blueprint, where he shares how he turned his skills to digital assets that has since made him millions.

It looks like a recent milestone of $3M in a day last month helped him bring his son home to Los Angeles after many years.

In the video, he is taping his 17 year old son, Makhiari and a woman, who appears to be his son’s mom, Sharita. The three share in an emotional moment while Makhiari packs the car with his belongings. His mom Sharita seemed to be the most shaken up about the move.

Spectacular shared the video with a caption saying, “After hitting my milestone of $3M in a day last month, I thought I was going to be super happy and excited but those emotions never came.”

It wasn’t until he was able to make this moment happen for his family that changed his perspective.

“But when I finally got my son to move with me to LA,” he continues. “After trying for so many years, it became one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

He goes on to talk about the frustrations he’s experienced over the years saying, “For years, I was getting frustrated and I thought it would never happen but God had plans.”

Spectacular appeared to be quite joyous as he showcases him and his son on a flight to LA.

“This was one of my happiest moments ever, he adds. “He was the missing link to my family being whole and now he’s with me. I love you son @makhiari. 2023 we coming! #HappyNewYear 💙🌟💫.”

Such a special moment. There’s no denying that child, because Makhiari stole Spectacular’s entire face.

Check out the video below: