‘Grand Crew’ Exclusive: This Black History Month, Sherm Has Some Facts He Wants To Make Sure You Know


NBC’s Grand Crew returns for a second season this March, but the crew got together and filmed a special Black History Month clip we’re excited to share with you.

The Grand Crew Season 2 cast photo

Source: Jabari Jacobs / NBC

In the clip, Sherm, Fay, Noah, Nicky, Anthony and Wyatt gather together (presumably at one of their favorite wine bars) to toast to Black History Month. Sherm decides to dive into some Black History Month trivia, but the questions are ALL ABOUT HIM! As you can imagine, his friends are more than a little befuddled by his tactics, but in the end, he pops a question that one of them is able to answer.

Cheers to all on a great Black History Month.

Grand Crew returns to NBC on March 3rd at 8:30PM!