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It’s not often that you have a chance to ask the EP of one of your favorite shows, WHY they had a character get naked.

NBC's New Comedy Series "Grand Crew" Premiere Event

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NBC’s “Grand Crew” is easily one of the funniest shows on network TV, and one thing we always appreciate is the characters are always doing the unexpected! In an interview with BOSSIP, “Grand Crew” Executive Producers Phil Augusta Jackson and Dan Goor recently opened up about THAT crazy scene where Sherm walks in on Wyatt naked and in tears after watching ‘Paddington 2.’ Justin Cunningham also spoke with BOSSIP and revealed the nude scene was actually his first time back on set almost a year after shooting the pilot. BUTT (pun intended) it turns out that Dan and Phil didn’t even mean to give Justin such an awkward reintroduction to set.

“Wow, I didn’t realize it was his first scene after the pilot,” Phil Augusta Jackson told BOSSIP. “Honestly, it was just the best scene for the schedule, but now he probably feels like it was some kind of initiation or something.

“The weird thing is it wasn’t scripted as nude,” Dan Goor joked. “He was supposed to have a parka on, we had to go back and rewrite it and have it make sense.”

“You gotta ask Justin why he did that,” Phil Augusta Jackson played along. “That is very funny. Justin is such a trooper, and he is so so funny, Juilliard trained performer and committed to the fullest. That pitch overall, I forget where it came from, but we have an amazing writer’s room and we pitched on a way to unpack the dynamics of not wanting to be vulnerable in front of your friends and I love ‘Paddington 2,’ it’s one of my favorite movies, so we put that in the story too, and just to kind of subvert the expectation that he’s going to see him cry, we wanted to also have him naked just to show that he’s more concerned about the crying than he is with the nudity, so then the pitch came about that way so that it was just really fun and funny for that story.”

Have you been watching “Grand Crew?” Who is your favorite character and what’s been your favorite episode so far?

“Grand Crew” airs Tuesday nights at 8:30pm EST on NBC