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<p>&nbsp;</p><p>By shelz.</p><p>It has been years since the whirlwind rise and speedy fall of the teen heartthrob collective known as B2K.&nbsp; In their heyday, they were selling out arenas, surfing through oceans of groupies, and smiling for pictures next to gold and platinum plaques. However, public spats put a crack in the foundation that ultimately led to the crew disbanding.&nbsp; The aftermath was a sordid tale of seedy allegations, retractions, missing person cases, and just generally odd behavior from all parties involved.&nbsp; Through all of that nastiness though, Omarion (the first to run for the hills) escaped with a bankable image and about 90% of the talent.</p><p>Since then he has managed to brush that dirt off his shoulders and to release two really solid solo albums despite his label hopping. His third, Ollusion, dropped on Tuesday, but is it worth your pennies? Read on.</p><p>It&rsquo;s obvious that Omarion, as a graduate of tweeny bopper stardom, is attempting to put his grown man front and center on Ollusion. However, even with his parental advisory sticker proudly displayed, it&rsquo;s obvious this album is a bit green; not only in thought process but in construction. The beats are thin and watery, some of the lyrics are silly and Omarion tends to meander out of his vocal range at times making some songs difficult to listen to. There is no &ldquo;Touch&rdquo; here and with some of the slow, skeletal production, O&rsquo;s vocal shortcomings have nowhere to hide.</p>