Jennifer Lopez may be worth a cool $300 million, but she’s still “Jenny From The Block” and gives zero f*cks when it comes to telling it how it is. Known for dating hunks like Ben Affleck and hip-hop kings like Diddy, the 44-year-old American Idol judge was asked a very interesting question when she visited […]

Thuggish ruggish Bieber. Never thought we’d see the day, but Justin Bieber is officially a thug (not really, but let us have our moment). The 19-year-old pop star made headlines this morning when he was pulled over and arrested for suspicion of DUI and drag racing in a quaint Jewish neighborhood in Miami. Between the […]

In celebration of what would have been rapper and actor Tupac‘s 40th birthday, we thought we’d take a look at the Harlem born, Baltimore and Marin City, CA-raised genius and hip-hop’s black Elvis. In addition to the extensive body of music left in the wake of his murder, the enigma of Tupac has transcended race, […]


Its always our favorite groups that part ways, for whatever reason, never to make music again and leaving us fans holding on to whatever we have left to remember them by. We play the same albums over and over until we’ve learned every single word of every single song, down to the adlibs, until the […]


When Dipset announced they would be reuniting after a 4-year haitus, hip-hop heads all over the world (especially in New York) rejoiced. Cam’Ron, Juelz Santana, & Jim Jones put aside their personal differences and beefs for the sake of the music.. Here are ten more reunions we would love to see. [pagebreak]   Artist: Ruff […]


I recently had a chance to sit down and chop it up with singer/actor/dancer and all around entertainer, Omarion. With all his fame, he still had no problem showing his personable side. He’s been in the game for many years, despite his young age, so it’s great to see that he is still humble. He wasn’t […]


<p>&nbsp;</p><p>By shelz.</p><p>It has been years since the whirlwind rise and speedy fall of the teen heartthrob collective known as B2K.&nbsp; In their heyday, they were selling out arenas, surfing through oceans of groupies, and smiling for pictures next to gold and platinum plaques. However, public spats put a crack in the foundation that ultimately led […]

<p>Tila Tequila may seem to be somewhat a little bit dysfunctional, but it seems she hasn&rsquo;t lost her business sense because allegedly she has signed on B2K member Raz B to her record label &lsquo;Tila Tequila Records.&rsquo; Tila Tequila who recently lost her girlfriend aka wifey Casey Johnson (heir to Johnson &amp; Johnson), as reported […]