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Its always our favorite groups that part ways, for whatever reason, never to make music again and leaving us fans holding on to whatever we have left to remember them by.

We play the same albums over and over until we’ve learned every single word of every single song, down to the adlibs, until the CD is all scratched up wondering if they’ll ever reunite.

If only we could get one more album from one of our favorite groups. Here are some of the groups that we would like to see reunite and release just one more album for us to enjoy. Find out if your favorite group made the cut and if maybe there’s a chance they’ll get back together!


The Fugees released 2 studio albums, the second one going 6 times platinum in the U.S. with hits like Killing Me Softly, Ready Or Not and more on the album. They announced that they would be reuniting and working on another album but the plans were postponed and eventually cancelled. It doesn’t seem that we’ll be able to squeeze one more out of them.


Destiny’s Child is definitely a group we’d like to see another album from. I think we’d all be satisfied with just one song! This group broke records for other female groups and can probably go down in history as one of the greatest girl groups ever! They didn’t part on bad terms, just to pursue solo careers, and they still very much keep in touch so maybe we can get one more album eventually. *fingers crossed*


We watched Danity Kane from the beginning, literally, watched them become a group on Making The Band and watched as they transformed into the superstars they became. The two albums they released were amazing, both debuting at number 1 on the Billboard 200 album charts! They eventually split due to man reasons but we’d like one more album, please just one more Danity Kane!


B2K were a bunch of heartthrobs. They always matched their outfits, it was so cute. Every girl claimed one of them for our own. (Omarion was mine) and their music was excellent as well. Remember jamming to ‘Bump Bump Bump‘ and ‘Girlfriend?‘ They only released 2 albums before parting ways in 2004 but if only they could reunite once more…


Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Joe Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick made up ‘N Sync which became the third highest selling boyband of all time! I think we were all heartbroken when we heard they were breaking up. Now all we can do is hope, even though we probably will never see another album from them.


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