1. Justin Bieber In Court.

2. “4 The Haters” – Justin Bieber.

justin bieber

3. “Shhh…be quiet. Tonight is the night that we ride.” #GangstaSignal

4. Justin Saying “What Up Doe?”

5. Justin On His Tupac Steeze.

6. Justin’s Gangsta Pose.

7. Dressed In All Black Like The Omen.

8. Shirtless Thug.

9. Justin Bieber Taking Sagging Pants Wayyy Too Far.

10. Real G’s…Moving In Silence.

11. Throwing Up Gang Signs.

12. Justin Bieber Grafitting A Wall.

13. Bieber Attempting To Fight The Paps.

14. Justin In Full Blown Thug Mode.

15. Thuggin’ Down The Street.

16. Like A G.

17. Justin Rockin’ His Gangsta Wife Beater.

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