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<p>Some 14 years ago, an up and coming Brooklyn emcee by the name of <strong>Jay-Z</strong> asked the question, &ldquo;Can I Live?&rdquo; on his debut classic, <em>Reasonable Doubt</em> and today the answer to that very question would be no. It appears as if the rapper and business mogul won&rsquo;t be let off the hook anytime soon surrounding talk of his alleged ties to the Illuminati and other secret societies.</p><p>Days after confronting and denying the rumors concerning his alleged affiliation in a <a href="; target="_blank">radio interview</a> with Hot 97&rsquo;s <strong>Angie Martinez</strong>, an unnamed Christian rapper has gone beyond talks by the water cooler and online chat rooms. Rather the rapper has taken to Jay-Z&rsquo;s stomping ground, boldly addressing the popular controversy on wax over a beat all too familiar to Jay-Z.</p>

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