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Before we get started, a big Rest In Peace shout goes to M-Bone of Cali Swag District. The Dougie is a worldwide phenomenon and a group of kids from L.A. are responsible for this. M was a part of this movement and sadly won’t get to celebrate the spoils of success because of ignorance. Even […]

Hello my fellow Grinders (In a British Accent), This royal wedding madness has sadly gotten to even me. Yes, I watched it too. You see Prince Will and I are similar in many ways: close in age, we both hate PDAs (public displays of affection), we both have thinning hair and the greatest grandmother in the […]

R&B music is at its premium right now. Spring will do that. New tunes, new outfits, new cars, ahh yes, the weather is about to break and the music is fresher then fresh basil. First off this new Beyonce, “Girls (Run The World)” is the new anthem for women everywhere. From Mars to Venus, the […]