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Proposition 8, the controversial California state ban on same sex marriage, has been overturned. Sort of. In a 5-4 decision, the US Supreme Court has ruled that the supporters of Prop 8 had no constitutional authority or standing to defend the law. The ruling is a little complicated but I will try to explain it. […]

LeBron James is not having a good NBA Finals. In fact, he is having a terrible Finals. What was supposed to be The Coronation Part 2 has become Nightmare At The Alamo. The Miami Heat are trailing the San Antonio Spurs 2-1 in this year’s Finals after getting blown out by 36 points in Game 3. James is […]

LeBron James is a great basketball player. He is arguably the best player on the planet and top ten all time in the NBA. He is heading to his third straight NBA Finals appearance and he collected his fourth MVP award this season. So why do so many people hate him? His supporters will say […]

The NFL Players Association is set to investigate Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports to see if they violated any rules when they recruited New York Jets rookie QB Geon Smith. The new sports management company started by Jay-Z has made news lately by signing New York Yankees Robinson Cano, New York Giants WR Victor Cruz […]

A tragedy happened in the sports world over the weekend. Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher shot and killed his girlfriend and then turned to gun on himself, committing suicide in the parking lot of their practice facility. This murder-suicide has sparked a new round of debate on gun control and the increasing number of […]

Lance Armstrong is having a really bad couple of weeks. The United States Anti- Doping Agency (USADA)published a damming report accusing him of cheating, stripped him of his seven Tour de France victories and banned him from cycling for life. He has lost major sponsors such as Nike and Anheuser-Busch and is now viewed by […]

NFL Hall of Famer John Elway has come out in favor of Mitt Romney. “Governor Romney is a proven leader with the experience and background to turn around our struggling economy,” he said in a released statement. He also stated, “America needs a comeback team – Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are that team.” Good […]

It’s not every day that throwing an interception in the end zone can win your team the game. But it happened at the end of the Monday Night Football game that saw the Green Bay Packers get robbed and the Seattle Seahawks benefit from one of the worst calls in NFL history. I’m not going […]

The new iPhone 5 could possibly tip the upcoming presidential election in favor of President Obama. I know it seems farfetched but hear me out. I will walk you through it. According to Michael Feroli, who is an analyst at JP Morgan, the iPhone 5 could add as much as .5% to the nation’s 4th quarter […]

Skip Bayless has done it again. The First Take anchor has stirred up a hornet’s nest with his latest ridiculous comment. On air Monday morning, Bayless tried to create a Washington Washington Football Team quarterback controversy between Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins by saying: “I’m going to throw it out there, you also have the black/white […]

With all the attention being given to Chick-Fil-A and their stance against gay marriage and the backlash they are getting, it raises one important question. Are we now obligated to know the political leanings of the businesses we frequent? I’m sure most people haven’t given it a second thought. Until now. If the owners of […]

The tragic shootings at an Aurora, Colorado theater have shocked and saddened the whole nation. The outpouring of support and sympathy has been incredible. It’s comforting to know that we can all come together. Of course, with any tragedy there will be those people who try to use it to advance their own agenda. People […]