About Simone Reyes

Recently I was asked by the Barbi Twins, Sia and Shane, best known as the record breaking Playboy Cover models/calendar gals turned documentary filmmakers, authors and all around amazing political/environmental/animal rights activists) to model for a campaign they masterminded for Stray Cat Alliance whose tag line is “Crazy Cat Ladies Just Got An Extreme Makeover”. The […]

I had the honor of attending National Animal Rights day for the second year in Los Angeles. The National Animal Rights Day (NARD), established by Our Planet. Theirs Too in 2011, is an annual day observed in the US on the first weekend of June, for the purpose of giving a voice to animals and raising awareness for […]

Life isn’t black or white. People typically aren’t all good or all bad. Many humans walk the line and crisscross back and forth, doing better when they know better. We are all a work in progress. When it comes to animals, maybe you believe you are on the side of right. You say you love […]

Today in Taiji the sun was shining brilliantly and warming up the crisp, chilly air by 9am. The sun floated on the Pacific Ocean creating tiny mirrors reflecting the beauty of the mountains all around it – it looked a bit like heaven might look from my viewpoint at our Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian lookout. […]

Russell Simmons and I you could say are a bit of the Batman and Robin (well, I prefer Batgirl) of the vegan animal rights movement. Together we have done PSAs, blogs, interviews and used our television show, “Running Russell Simmons” to promote our agenda of a compassionate society starting with what people decide to stab […]

It was last Sunday, the same day as Gay Pride in Los Angeles. The town was dressed in rainbow colors that shouted from the street corners and rooftops that people demanded equality in this town – for ALL. Every rainbow flag that hung from every restaurant, painted on every street, bursting from every colorful balloon […]

On Saturday night in New York City during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Mercy For Animals honored my boss Russell Simmons for his dedication to and compassion for all sentient beings. Russell and I are longtime supporters of Mercy For Animals, and work tirelessly to create a society where all animals are treated with the […]

America is involved in many wars: There’s the war on poverty. Over the last forty years the US spent trillions of dollars to combat poverty but according to the most recent census in 2011, there are 46.2 million people living under the poverty line. Heartbreaking.  Then we have the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that continue […]

I thought that having friends, family and companion animals that love me meant something. Or having PETA name a sanctuary (“Simone’s Place”) after me in India meant that I had finally arrived. But no… it’s only now I KNOW I have really made it because Rosie O’Donnell blocked me on Twitter… publicly. Okay, yes…I kid […]

Photo Credit: Beth Cocuzzi Well well well what do we have here? The Olsen Twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, who are staples in the fashion world, are unfortunately using their vanity and the pursuit of making a blessed buck at the expense of innocent sentient beings.  Their fashion line The Row is offering a bag that […]

I know that I am known as hardcore take-no-prisoners no excuses, no pardons animal rights activist but the truth is, I believe in the power of good. I fight for the underdog and believe in forgiveness. I also give people the benefit of the doubt.   When I saw a recent tweet by Chris Brown’s […]

We grow up believing that campaign promise of “Milk Does A Body Good”- you know the deal- drink milk and get strong teeth, big muscles, etc. But of course when you do the research you will find that cow’s milk is the number one cause of food allergies among infants and children, according to the […]