Global Cool

Three times is a trend, but all you need is two to pull off this celebrity style. Wearing patterns can be tough, but your favorite stars have mastered the art of matching just in time to give you some serious spring outfit inspiration. Adrienne Bailon did it for the ‘gram in a felt tip top and skirt from […]

This is an iPhone. It’s basically all we ever needed to survive. It does everything we need it to do: Take pictures, guide us to our destination, send messages to our friends, hold all of our precious emails, gifs, notes, photos, movies and music. It’s a portable encyclopedia, it teaches us new things, and it’s […]

We’re never quite satisfied with what we have when it comes to tech, so that shiny new iPhone 5S with fingerprint technology you just bought may be obsolete pretty soon if these rumors are true. In a blog post published Wednesday, Sonny Dickson posted what he claimed to be images of the iPhone 6. Dickson wrote, […]

Creepy crawlers are something we typically stray away from or treat with bug spray, but last night Solange, who must have grown tired of geometric prints, let them crawl right into her wardrobe. With Pre-Grammy festivities in full swing, Solange was out celebrating the Spotify and Troy Carter Pre-Grammy Party wearing a Azede Jean-Pierre Spring 2014 white bug print long-sleeve […]