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We’re never quite satisfied with what we have when it comes to tech, so that shiny new iPhone 5S with fingerprint technology you just bought may be obsolete pretty soon if these rumors are true.

In a blog post published Wednesday, Sonny Dickson posted what he claimed to be images of the iPhone 6. Dickson wrote, “We’ve gotten our hands on some great photos of the iPhone’s rear casing in Space Grey.” The images feature a larger version of the iPhone with rounded corners and a thinner body.

Mashable also reported on additional rumors that Apple will discontinue its cheaper iPhone 5C, but will keep the iPhone 5S in production using cheaper materials after rolling out the rumored iPhone 6.

As these things typically go, there will be rumors and speculation about the design, the operating system, and then the press conference, that will probably come years from now, will debunk them all with a release we never expected.

No word on whether or not these images are actually of the iPhone 6, but all we’re hoping for is a screen that doesn’t shatter…c’mon Apple, if anyone can make that happen, it’s you.