As the seasons change, so do our moods. Fortunately, we have a list of the happiest states in America to get your through the cold, SAD season.  

This month we were treated to a special tour of Disneyworld's most soulful cuisine by none other than Chef Carla Hall!

The award-winning platform is transforming travel with these easy travel tips and their newly-launched first-of-its-kind Black Elevation Map.

Famed rapper and activist Killer Mike hosts the four-part docuseries that celebrates the impact and evolution of cannabis culture in Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York and Chicago.

Black Female Songwriters Dominating The Industry When listening to your favorite songs and reciting the lyrics word for word, it may shock you to find that the powerful pen behind the music is a Black woman.  Many of the top charting records over the last decade were written by women in music, and they need […]

The New Year's celebrations are underway. The holiday that follows consumers overspending during Christmas has most Americans spending even more for the New Year’s occasion. Check out this list of 2021’s best cities for New Year’s inside.

The exclusive Black-owned membership club The Gathering Spot is continuing its mission to bring people together. The expansion for the space has now reached new heights -- literally. 

#SeeHer And Ford Panel Addressed Representation In Front Of And Behind The Camera Kudos to Ford and Essence for leading the conversation about black women and representation in front of and behind the camera! Global Grind’s Senior Director of Content, Janeé Bolden recently attended a #SeeHer and Ford panel as part of the ESSENCE House […]

There’s been a running joke amongst Black people for years that when ish hits the fan again in America, we’re all making our way back to Africa. But between 2018 and 2019, that dream has become a reality for many millennials. Young, Black 20-30 somethings are no longer taking their vacation coins to Cabo and […]