Saweetie‘s anthem “My Type” ran the summer and if that wasn’t enough the year culminated in the rapper getting lit with Destiny’s Child OGs, Kelly and Beyoncé. Not just anyone gets to party with the queens, so between that, the music, her adorable relationship with boyfriend Quavo, and the fact that she’s bad as all […]

We lost a legend this week, as Coach Herman Boone has reportedly passed away at the age of 84 after battling cancer. Boone was famously portrayed by Denzel Washington in the classic movie Remember The Titans, which saw a young, Black coach bring Black and White T.C. Williams High School football players together to lead […]

2019 isn’t over just yet. Singer Camila Cabello has been called out for a slew of racist and xenophobic memes allegedly posted to her old Tumblr account. The posts, listed in a Twitter thread, made fun of Black, Mexican, and Asian folks. Top top that off, there were also jokes about Rihanna’s 2009 domestic assault. […]

Christmas and New Year’s Day are pretty much right around the corner and with the festive season comes office holiday parties. Everybody in Corporate America knows how completely awkward an office party can be, so we provided a list of dont’s this year. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of people still bombed. Hit the […]

Jamie Foxx hit up The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to chat about his upcoming film Just Mercy. Starring himself, Michael B. Jordan, Brie Larson, and more, the film follows a Black man who has been on death row for six years after being wrongly accused of murder. Jamie tells Colbert it’s his most important […]

UPDATE: Dec 18, 2019, 12 PM ET In an unexpected turn of events, Karol Sanchez was not only found alive, but she also reportedly confessed to staging the kidnapping. “Shortly after she was found on Tuesday afternoon, Karol was questioned by officers from the 40th Precinct, where she admitted to setting up the kidnapping and […]

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