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It’s totally Tessa Thompson‘s time. The actress has starred in some of the highest grossing and popular films of the year, and she’s not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon.

On Thursday, the first trailer for Men In Black International was released, and while people were exciting to see Chris Hemsworth, no one could stop talking about the dopeness that is Tessa Thompson.


The Black Pantsuit and badass attitude is all we needed to see to know that TT is definitely the special ingredient that’ll make MIB International a hit. One fan tweeted, “Just watched the new Men in Black trailer and I can’t tell if I want to be Tessa Thompson or kiss Tessa Thompson.”

We couldn’t agree more. There’s something about Tessa that makes even the straightest girls think twice. Her poise, her grace, her flexibility is not only admirable, but it’s also goals that everyone wants in a partner. Too bad she’s taken by another badass beauty that we admire. But don’t ask Tessa about her alleged relationship with Janelle Monaé; she likes to keep it as low-key as possible.

She once told The Cut, “The truth is Janelle and I are both in a space where we’re trying to push boundaries in terms of the idea of what space a woman of color can occupy,” she said. “[Me and Janellle are people who] believe fiercely that people should be free to love who they love.”

Not sure if it’s  the confidence she exudes when she speaks or that her overall persona is just the ish — We. Love. Tessa. Thompson.  We made a list of all the times the stunning star totally made us stop, stare, or just contemplate life on a different wavelength.

You’re welcome.


1. Damn, sis.


Fact: Tessa’s father is Panamanian, while her mother is of Mexican and European descent.

2. Young Tess doesn’t give AF about your fashion standards


Quote: “Fashion is a funny thing to talk about. I think what you wear is definitely an extension of you, but I also think it’s totally arbitrary.”

3. Goddess


Fact: The MIB star attended Santa Monica High School and then Santa Monica College, where she studied anthropology.

4. Smokin’ Hot.

Tessa Thompson Source:Getty

Fact: When she was just seven years old, in a private school, another young girl on the playground called Thompson the n-word. She was traumatized by the event and homeschooled by her mother for years after.

5. Queenin’

2017 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals Source:Getty

Quote: “To play young women who are not just the object of the narrative, but the subject of the narrative and nuanced and cool, that wasn’t really happening for women like me.”

6. Theater Girl

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Creed' - Arrivals Source:Getty

Fact: In 2002, she made her theatrical debut in “The Tempest” with the Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company.

7. Young Tess

'For Colored Girls' New York Premiere - Outside Arrivals Source:Getty

Quote: “There are some people who don’t want to deal with the fact that we are not forever. Some people decide to live life to the fullest.”

8. For de Culture

Tessa Thompson Source:Splash News

Quote: “Cultural change always precedes political change.”


Tessa Thompson Source:Splash News

Quote: I guess I’m sort of just a glutton for having moments when I can just do whatever I want to, which sounds terrible.

10. Just Like You

Tessa Thompson Source:WENN

Quote: We have this real problem as human beings to put people on pedestals – with celebrities, with historical figures – and we forget they’re humans just like us.