The Daily Grind Video

Born out of New York City ball culture and drag shows, the dance form of voguing has become a staple in LGBTQ communities, especially in queer communities of color. Now, multiple sub-categories such as old way, new way and vogue femme have made their way from the underground to competitions around the world. Here’s a few of the back-breaking moves that make voguing a craft to be respected and a dance to be celebrated.

1. Smerk Khan

Serving face.

2. Feminine Destruction Herrera vs. Buffy Revlon

Hand work to live by.

3. Dashaun Wesley

A master at work.

4. Lil James Khan vs. Chris Aga

Soft and cunt.

5. Javier Ninja

The new way stretch.

6. Katrina Ebony

Epic hair control.

7. Danielle Ninja

Femme floor work.

8. Ladonna vs. Mariah

And pose, and dip!

9. Divo vs. Davon

A death drop for the ages.