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1. When Nick Cannon transformed into Connor it caused a stir, but he was really just being transracial.

2. Marge Simpson has a kinky blue afro and Lisa sings the blues and plays the sax.

Marge Simpson, Lisa Simpson Source:Getty

3. Ted smoke weeds and has soul, haven’t you watched the trailer?

Ted, Source:Getty

4. Nickelodeon’s Doug has a light-skinned girlfriend with blonde hair, a blue best friend, a father with green hair, and a pink mother with blue hair. Transracial.

5. Bill Clinton was considered the first Black president, but lost his Black card when Barack Obama ran for president.

Bill Clinton Source:Getty

6. Riff Raff been transracial, bro.

Riff Raff Source:Getty

7. Eddie Murphy plays a White guy on several occasions, but here he is as Saul the Jewish Guy in “Coming To America.”

8. Since playing in “Higher Learning,” Michael Rapaport identifies with the Black experience.

Michael Rappaport Source:Getty

9. Mark Wahlberg used to be a rapper by the name of Marky Mark. Here he is eating chicken.

Mark Wahlberg Source:Getty