The Daily Grind Video

1. A lesson in layering from Justin Bieber

2. “I am fashion”

Uh huh.

3. “I do this 4 U”


4. Because a mirror selfie was completely necessary to show off this outfit.

5. “$”

It takes a lot of cash to look that fly.

6. Caption: “#iknowudresslikeme”

Well, we try our best to.

7. Because who else could pull off skin-tight, red-hot leather leggings?


8. Caption: “Channel”

Or as we like to call it, Chanel. But hey, who are we to correct the Biebs.

9. Caption: “Ryan said you won’t go out in that. I said watch me haha too colorful next time im gonna wear a black hat”

Good thing there’s always a next time.

10. Caption: ‘Rollercoaster For a minute we were up but the next we were Fallin down’ -Justin Bieber”

The only thing more thrilling than that quote are those zebra pants and slippers.

11. Caption: “I hope you hate my style”


12. Caption: “Propper”

Fashion Game: “Propper”

13. Caption: “Not a game”

Nope, he’s playing zero games when it comes to his style.

14. Bandana Boy Bieber

15. Caption: “Looks like Lil wayne liked our #swagboots”

At least someone did…

16. Caption: “Hahahahah real gs wear tight onzies”

Gangstas, take note.

17. Caption: “I got a lot of bread”

A lot of bread for a lot of fresh ‘fits.

18. Caption: “Me and Jesus on the ice”

Not the Jesus piece, though!

19. Caption: “Varsity jacket closest thing to high school”

Takes notes–Justin’s taking us to style school.

20. Caption: “Hyfr”

HYFR, that jean vest is fire.

21. Caption: “@jadensmith that new swag hat son”

Hey Jaden, step your hat game up, son.

22. Caption: “Nature is so neat lol”

Lol, not as neat as your outfit though.

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