1. Chrissy Teigen shows off a whole lotta leg.

2. Chrissy shows off her Alexander Wang digs and a couple accessories of her own.

3. Chrissy and her lady lumps make a splash at the beach.

chrissy Teigen Beach Bunny Swimwear

4. Chrissy Teigen for Beach Bunny swimwear.

5. A busted zipper can’t stop that smize.

6. Oh, just a little pilates to keep limber and whatnot.

7. How delicious does her pea soup look?

8. “Pretending to be BeyoncĂ©,” she says. Flawless, we say.

9. Just another day in the life of a model.

10. Who needs clothes when you’ve got a body like that? Bunny ears will do just fine.

11. Oh, hello, John Legend!

12. A behind-the-scenes bikini shot.

13. Um, her eyes are up there!

14. Chrissy shows a little skin for sexy sophistication.

15. Working hard or hardly working?

16. Post up, flawless.

17. Sexiest curve on a woman’s body? Her smile.

18. Suns out, buns out!

19. Chrissy and her tatas before the MTV Movie Awards.

20. Crop top Chrissy.

21. John is a lucky, lucky guy.

22. Towel loungin’.

23. A little lace and a little leg.

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