1. This is Jody Husky.

2. He is a Husky.

3. For the most part, he’s a very happy husky.

4. Last year, he was adopted by rapper Riff Raff.

5. They are best friends.

6. While Jody has been known to kick it with other rappers…

7. …nine out of ten times you can catch Jody kicking it with Riff Raff.

8. They are so tight.

9. They sleep together.

10. They play together.

11. And they stunt on the haters together.

riff raff dog

12. And, yes, Riff Raff really did dye Jody blue.

13. And all of Jody is blue.

14. Riff Raff also does a lot for his friend, Jody.

15. He takes him on walks.

16. Buys him expensive bags.

17. And takes him to play with other dog friends.

18. Jody pays Riff Raff back by being there for him.

19. Which is why Riff Raff puts Jody on t-shirts.

20. And on the cover of his album, “Neon Icon.”

21. Riff Raff has also let Jody meet his family.

22. Riff Raff isn’t the only one that loves Jody, either.

23. A lot of people love Jody.

24. So much so, Jody has his own Instagram.

25. Jody has over 21,000 followers on his IG.

26. Hell, there is even someone who has a Jody Husky tattoo.

27. Jody has been so great for Riff Raff, he’s decided to get another dog.

28. Her name is Goldy Husky.

29. And — shocker — she loves Jody Husky too.

30. Look out for Goldy Husky’s Instagram. (Coming soon…)

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