1. Jackie Cruz & Diane Guerrero, aka “Flaca” and “Ramos,” Looking Fabulous.

2. Actress Emma Myles Looking Far From Her Character “Leanne Taylor.”

3. Ramos May Be The Queen Of OITNB Selfies.

4. Daya, Pennsatucky, and Taystee Looking Glorious.

5. Daya Runnin’ With Russell.

6. Ramos Looks Way Better In A Body Suit Than An Orange Jump Suit.

7. Taystee & Mendez Being Naughty During Press Runs.

8. Dascha, aka “Daya,” and Uzo, aka “Crazy Eyes,” At OITNB Premiere.

Orange is The New Black

9. The Whole Crew Kickin’ It.

10. WERK, Taystee!

11. Laverne Cox, aka Sophia, Looking Glam.

12. Lea DeLaria Isn’t Much Different From Her Character “Big Boo.”

13. Laverne Cox Holding Up Her TIME Magazine Cover.

14. The Cast That KeeKees Together, Stays Together.

15. Alex & Piper… Doesn’t Piper (Taylor Schilling) Kind Of Look Like A Blonde Katy Perry?

16. Yesss, Uzo!!

17. Taryn Manning, aka Pennsatucky, Cleans Up Nice.

18. Deuces!

19. Snap Backs & Lashes.

20. Actress Dascha Polanco Killin’ It.

21. Flaca & Ramos Back At It.

22. Poussey Cleans Up Nice Too.

23. Leanne & Healy.

24. SoSo Looking Oh-So-Cute!

25. Taystee & SoSo All Smiles.

26. SoSo Chefs On The Side.

27. Flaca Looks Muy Bonita!

28. Black Cindy & The Gang.

29. Doesn’t “Miller” Look A Lot Different Without Her Cornrows?

30. “Morello” Riding Dirty On Her Bike.

31. Figueroa, Gloria, Officer O’Neill, and Black Cindy At The “OITNB” Premiere.

32. Real Love.

33. Daya & Her Bae Officer Bennett.

34. Red, Nicki, Officer Mendez, and Taystee Hangin’ With Al Roker.

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