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Tracee Ellis Ross for Essence

Source: Itaysha Jordan / Essence

It’s National Aunt and Uncle Day!

Everyone remembers their favorite aunt or uncle. The fun one who takes you to the party when your mom says “no.” The person that gives you all the sugary candy just to send you home hyper to your parents.

Aunt and uncle extend beyond your parents’ siblings. These are the figures in our lives who influence our children. Many times, these are individuals we may not even know in real life. Mary J. Blige may not care to be Aunty Mary, but she certainly is in our minds.

Our favorite celebs have taken on new titles as our pretend relatives by simply living their best lives. Whether it’s Tracee Ellis Ross hanging by the pool with a cocktail in hand or Mike Epps telling jokes at the family cookout, it’s easy to imagine these celebrities would be our top picks.

Check out this roundup of our favorite rich aunts and uncles! Which one are you?

1. Rich and Fabulous Aunty Jen


Jenifer Lewis is literally the epitome of the rich aunty. She lives her best life entertaining, traveling and looking fabulous. Go ahead now Aunty Jenifer! 

2. Uncle Epps Is The Real OG


We had to give it to Mike Epps. Your favorite uncle always making you laugh and serving a Cartier frame. 

3. Go Mary! Go Mary!


A flawless depiction of our favorite imaginary aunty is Mary J. Blige. She may not view herself as the world’s favorite aunt, but it’s hard to deny being this fly and fabulous. 

4. Snoop Dogg Been Unc


Snoop Dogg is the fun uncle for sure! He has been Uncle Snoop to us since he hit the scene in the 90s.   

5. Your Fine Aunty Tracee


Whew, Tracee Ellis Ross! She is the fun, funny and fine aunt that all of your friends want.

6. Uncle Shannon Sharpe Keeps It Too Real


Shannon Sharpe is your Southern Uncle that keeps it straight up with you. 

7. Your Fly Aunt Monica


Aunty Monica is not to be played with! She’s the reach aunt that will serve you looks, realness and loads of entertainment. 

8. Uncle Guwop


Your fresh uncle Gucci Mane, who turned his life around. He may not have always been there, but he’s turned transformed. 

9. Taraji Giving The Nieces Wealth


Taraji P. Henson is the wealthy aunty that you love to spend time with. She turns up and is continuously elevating. We love to see it! 

10. Money Makin’ Uncle P


Master P is the uncle who puts you on game. He is a business mastermind looking to build generational wealth for the entire family.