The world was first introduced to Aiden J. Garcia when he was just a tiny tot, teaching us all a thing or two about going viral. For Aiden, it was easy — he showed off his lovable personality and curly red hair in a clip we know you’ve all seen.

“You think I’m cute?” Aiden asked in his tiny voice, insisting on an answer with “Yes or no?” Imagining someone responded “yes,” he got all excited and laughed and screamed in to the camera. It might actually be the cutest viral moment ever.

As his momager wrote on his official Instagram, the video (above) went viral and tons of celebrities showed Aiden love, including Stephen Curry, Selena Gomez, and more. The viral video was even played on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, and the list goes on. These days, it looks like Aiden is still doing his thing as a model and his curly red ‘fro is even bigger than before.

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Check out some of his latest photos and wait on his next viral moment. You think I’m cute? Yes or no?? YES????!!!! 

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