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1. Before: this cutie had small appearances on Sesame Street, but she also played Eddie Murphy’s little sister in the opening sketch of his “Raw” film back in 1987.

2. Tatyana Ali went on to play Will’s little cousin, Ashley.

3. Before: she was rolling with the A-Team back in ’83.

4. Daphne Maxwell Reid went on to play the second Aunt Viv.

5. Before: he served coffee to the seventh doctor in the UK hit, “Doctor Who.”

6. Joseph Marcell went on to play the wise-cracking but lovable butler for the Banks, Geoffrey.

7. Before: he was DJ-ing and letting the people know that girls ain’t nothing but trouble with his bestie/groupmate.

8. DJ Jazzy Jeff went on to play Will’s best friend on the show and a menace to Uncle Phil.

9. Before: he was rapping/preaching that parents just don’t understand back in ’88.

10. Will went on to play the goofy and charming Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

11. Before: he voiced the villain Shredder in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” in the late ’80s.

12. James Avery went on to play Will’s hard-ass but caring Uncle Phil.

13. Before: this beauty earned some of her early acting chops in “Boyz n Hood,” playing Cuba Gooding Jr.’s love interest.

14. Nia Long went on to play Will’s long-time girlfriend.

15. Before: he played Ricky’s break-dancing best friend in the ’80s hit “Silver Spoons.”

16. Alfonso Ribeiro went on to play Will’s dorky but kinda-hot cousin, Carlton.

17. Before: this other cutie played Buckwheat in “Little Rascals” back in 1990.

18. Around the same time, Ross Bagley went on to play the adorable Little Nicky.

19. Before: she was making waves in the modeling scene when she was just 15.

20. Tyra Banks played Will’s feisty former sweetheart and manager of The Peacock Shop.

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