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A recent trend on social media sparked an interesting conversation. The trending topic: Who in the Bible would have been a content creator? Fans shared their creative content ideas for several notable characters from the Bible.

Some Christian fans might find this highly inappropriate. While others found it to be an entertaining time to get creative with a few hypothetical concepts for social media relating to significant people and stories in the Bible. One viral tweet posted by Twitter user, @JayyAngelo, on Mar. 23 caught the eyes of many who quote tweeted with their personal assumptions answering the question of “who might have been a content creator from the Bible?”


Twitter never disappoints. Some social media users crafted ideas for well known stories like Noah and the Ark. Others focused on Virgin Mary’s story of immaculate conception. There were several mentions of David, Abraham, Cain, Eve and Joseph. People were crafty with their ideas suggesting that these characters would have been avid content creators. They assumed they would do fashion hauls, Instagram lives and YouTube styled blogging.

Fans went on to share their thoughts on other platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Some users posted videos with their ideas and opinions and others opted for a quote tweet. Where do people come up with these topics?

No matter the concept, this thread of Bible character content creators is spot on. Shout out to Twitter users being quick witted and creative. Check out the thread of our favorite fan ideas below. Let your imagination run free and comment your Bible character content creator ideas.

1. Abraham & Sarah’s Couple’s YouTube Channel


2. Noah’s Crazy Yacht Party


3. Joseph’s Fitspo Content


4. Noah’s Ark Would Be A Hit


5. Abraham Pranks His Son


6. Adventures With David


7. Eve Flexin’


8. Judas Live From The Last Supper


9. Jesus’ 40 Days & 40 Nights Diet Challenge


10. Cain’s Storytime


11. Joseph’s Motivational Nuggets


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