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It’s the first of the month! As Black Music Month comes to a close, we bring in the month of July with National Black Family Month. We created a gallery of our favorite Black celebrity families to celebrate.

National Black Family Month was established in 2006 to promote the enrichment of families through education, health, and self-improvement. This observance encourages us to support our loved ones, reflect with one another, and invest in and inspire our young.

Many Black families may be familiar with the phrase, “what happens in this house, stays in this house,” because though the Black family is beautiful, they often come with their own set of issues. Traditionally, these problems are handled privately. Unless, you are a Black celebrity family. Then, every facet of your life is publicized including the situations with your loved ones.

The notable Black families listed in this gallery below are known for supporting one another despite public scrutiny or surveillance. Still, they manage to be models for the Black family unit.

During this month, Black families should rededicate themselves to their family and celebrate their connection, heritage and commitment to one another. Families are encouraged to implement progressive and positive changes, connect through old traditions and create new ones.

Studies prove that spending time together as a a family can foster communication, promote respect and mutual appreciation, build confidence and self-esteem in our children, and provide memories that last a lifetime.

Be sure to gather around this Black Family Month to participate in a host of different activities such as preparing the family’s favorite foods, interviewing one another and noting family history, reading together, or simply dancing and singing Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family!” with one another at a really obnoxious level.

We know these Black celebrity families always prioritize family time.

Check out a gallery of our favorite Black celebrity families below:

1. The Wades

Source:Gabrielle Union-Wade

2. The James’

Source:LeBron James

3. The Smiths

Source:Will Smith

4. The Obamas

Source:Barack Obama

5. The Jacksons

Source:The Jacksons

6. The Carters

Source:The Carters

7. The Wayans’


8. The Harveys

Source:Steve Harvey

9. The Combs’


10. The Curry’s

Source:Stephen Curry

11. The Shumperts

Source:Teyana Taylor

12. The Cephus’

Source:Cardi B