1. His Favorite Actors: “Some of my favorite actors are Leonardo DiCaprio, Denzel Washington, Tom Hardy, Dane DeHaan, and Marlon Brando.”

2. As Garner on ABC Family’s “The Fosters.”

3. His favorite films: “The Godfather II,” “The Aviator,” “Basketball Diaries,” “Gangs of New York,” “Warrior,” “Malcolm X” and “To Sir With Love.”

4. On the lack of roles for African Americans In Hollywood: “How I feel about any role for any actor is that it depends on the writing and what’s going on in the world. Most characters are based on people in the world, and if a race/culture wants to be portrayed a certain way, then it’s up to them to represent themselves in that way in the real world. Either that or have the great creative minds in a race/culture be in control of the writing and creative aspect of a production, such as Shonda Rhimes, who has created amazing content for Kerry Washington and Viola Davis.”

5. On the toughest thing about living in L.A: “Being away from my family. To only have video calls or phone calls can get tiring and I work often and don’t go to Atlanta, but once or twice a year during the holidays and New Year’s.”

6. On the set of “Black Boots.”

7. On his favorite things to do outside of acting: “Going to the beach, watch television and film, and put my visual arts skills to use through clothing design and web design.”

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