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1. The Game

BET AWARDS '14 - Radio Broadcast Center - Day 1 Source:Getty

The Game helped a man he found lying on the ground unresponsive after a bike accident. TMZ says Game removed the bike from on top of the man, called 911 and waited for the EMTs to come.

2. Jamie Foxx

An Evening Of SeriousFun Celebrating The Legacy Of Paul Newman - Arrivals Source:Getty

The “Django Unchained” actor pulled a man from a car wreck with a pair of EMT scissors right before the vehicle burst into flames.

3. Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Ol' Dirty Bastard Portrait Session Source:Getty

The late Ol’ Dirty Bastard saved a little girl’s life back in 1998. According to MTV, ODB was in a studio session in Brooklyn when he rushed to the aid of a four-year-old girl who had been hit by a car.
The child was trapped underneath the vehicle when Dirty and some of his friends lifted the car off her. She was taken to the hospital and treated for first and second degree burns.

4. T.I.

Despite all the heroics, no one can top T.I. The Atlanta rapper saved three different people’s lives. In 2010, he was driving by a local radio station when he saw a man attempting to jump off the roof. T.I. calmly talked the guy down and saved his life…

5. T.I.

T.I. 925 Scales restaurant ribbon cutting Source:Getty

He didn’t stop there. Roughly 2 years later, he rescued Creed singer Scott Stapp after he jumped off a balcony. Via VH1:
“Stapp jumped over his balcony, falling 40 feet. He fractured his skull, broke his hip and nose and couldn’t move. Then, in comes T.I. ‘I laid out there for 2 and a half hours and my guardian angel showed up — rapper T.I.,’ Stapp said. ‘He immediately took care of the situation and saved my life.'”

6. T.I.

In 2014, T.I. helped pull a young woman from a car. She didn’t have on any panties and was more concerned with the fact that T.I. was the one saving her life. TMZ tells the story in the video above.

7. Mila Kunis

83rd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals Source:Getty

One of her employees collapsed after suffering a seizure in her home. The “Family Guy” star launched into action, directing her friend to call 911 while she kept the 50-year-old from choking and held his head in place until the paramedics arrived.

8. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Bill Murray Source:Getty Images

JLaw didn’t save Bill Murray’s life, but she did help a woman who fainted outside of her apartment. “The Hunger Games” star stayed with the woman until the paramedics arrived.

9. Ryan Gosling

ryan gosling Source:Getty

The man who is perfection according to White women everywhere is a real American hero – even though he’s from Canada. “The Notebook” actor saved a British journalist’s life when she forgot Americans drive on right side of the road and stepped into on-coming traffic. Being a journalist, she wrote about how Ryan stopped her from getting killed by a car. The rest is history.

10. Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel Source:Splash News

The “Fast and Furious” star was driving around on his motorcycle back in 2002 when there was a horrible car accident in front of him. He helped pull the family from the fiery wreck. Everyone escaped unharmed.