If you have been following the hit drama series All American, you may have recognized this familiar child star in the latest season. Twitter fans are shook to discover Noah Gray-Cabey is the same person who played the piano-playing child prodigy, Franklin, on My Wife and Kids.

Jamie Foxx is more than just an Oscar-winning actor, he’s a real life hero. The Ray star pulled a man from a burning vehicle that crashed in front of his California home last night. In a video from KABC News, Foxx explained how he saved Brett Kyle’s life using a pair of EMT scissors to break the window and cut […]

Yesterday morning, when a gunman opened fire in a Nevada-area middle school, not much was known about the victims or the circumstances surrounding the shooting. However, slowly but surely the saddening details trickled in; the gunman wasn’t a man at all. He was a seventh-grader at Sparks Middle School. And the victim wasn’t a student. […]

It’s been a week since secretary Antoinette Tuff talked a would-be-shooter from opening fire on the elementary students at her school. But now shooter Michael Brandon Hill’s brother, Timothy, is speaking out to talk about his brother’s mental disorders and struggles. When asked by Piers Morgan if the system failed his family after trying to […]

Earlier this week, Antoinette Tuff made the most terrifying phone call of her life when a gunman stormed the Georgia elementary school she works in. And on Thursday, she was handed the phone again – but this time it was probably the most surprising call of her life. President Obama phoned Tuff on Thursday to […]

The Boston Marathon bombings shook up the whole country, but it definitely didn’t effect anyone harder than Jeff Bauman. The 27-year-old suffered the horrible tragedy of losing both of his legs during the explosion, and is now in critical, but stable in the hospital. Fortunately, Jeff was able to survive the bombings because of the […]

When two bombs detonated at the Boston Marathon last week, off-duty firefighter Matt Patterson immediately ran towards the destruction, not away from it. PHOTOS: Day 11: The Latest On The Boston Marathon Bombings That’s when he came across a little girl whose leg was injured. In that moment, all Patterson could think about was stopping the […]

In the face of adversity, humanity’s true colors shine through. PHOTOS: The Boston Marathon Twin Bombings: What We Know So Far We saw it during 9/11. It happened after the Newtown, Conn. massacre. And now, we’re witnessing it in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon twin bombings. While Boston, Mass. might get a rep as a […]

The picture is haunting, almost like watching the scene in real time. A man donning a cowboy hat pushes along a victim of the Boston Marathon bombing. A look of urgency on his face, he holds up what’s left of the young man’s legs. PHOTOS: We Applaud You: The Heroes Of The Boston Marathon Bombings In […]

Christopher Knafelc, 32, was waiting for a train in north Philadelphia on Thursday afternoon when he saw a man walk off the platform and fall on the tracks. Knowing that the train would be arriving in a matter of minutes, Christopher jumped down to save the man right away and it was all caught on […]