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Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera‘s baby girl Charlie is growing up!

On last week’s episode of their reality show, the famous teenager and her loved ones, were celebrating her 15th birthday with a quinceañera. The episode ended up going viral when Charlie asked if her date to her party could be a girl, to which Waka responded “OK.” While his welcoming reaction made headlines, Waka spoke out in a follow-up interview, saying they’re all about Charlie’s happiness.

He told Fox Soul’s In The Mix: “I don’t see the problem,” adding “I don’t have expectations because the stuff you’re expecting is never going to be 100%. I don’t believe in 100% — I believe in experience. So I can’t say I don’t like something that I’ve never experienced. If I approach it like a strong-minded male it’ll run her away, you get what I’m saying? So I follow in my wife’s footsteps. She’s like ‘Baby just chill, just listen to her,’ but I guess — I don’t know. Charlie probably thought I was going to act like King Kong. I don’t know, but it’s cool.”

He went on to say that while he and Tammy are “from the hood,” their kids are privileged and heard. “At the end of the day, her happiness is everything. So before I even let her stand on something or ‘come out’ — like she ain’t have to come out cause she was never hiding,” Waka insisted, later adding “Nobody taught us how to raise privileged Black kids. So right now, you just gotta be a father. You can’t think about what a blog will say or what a person’s going to say because at the end of the day that’s your child — that’s your child’s feelings. Before I even let somebody play with mines I better make sure she’s happy.”

We gathered a few social media moments starring Charlie to celebrate her in all her glory. Check those out below and stay tuned!

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1. Young queen!

2. Salute her.

3. Looking just like her mama.

4. & her style is fire.

5. Seriously…

6. Bow down.

7. Too cute.

8. Show Charlie some love!

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