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Texas Man And His Daughter Create Empowering Children’s Youtube Series

Parents everywhere can relate to the struggle of listening to old, repetitive and – let’s admit – pretty annoying internet nursery rhyme series.  Many of these programs include developmental and informational content. No matter how redundant the songs, the babies cannot get enough of some Cocomelon and Little Baby Bum! In 2022 it’s not uncommon to see a young child glued to an iPad, entranced by their favorite program uploaded by the most watched kid creators. The launch of Youtube Kids has made it easier for parents to filter that content, ensuring age-appropriate viewing.

YouTube launched Youtube Kids back in 2015 as a separate app created specifically to provide a safe space for children to explore. In 2019 the website version went live, which has generated growth in viewership. As noted on Make Use Of, YouTube Kids now boasts a weekly 35 million weekly users. We’ve come across a particularly entertaining program called Gracie’s Corner. Gracie’s Corner is a YouTube series with original songs as well as new school remixes of classic nursery rhymes. The creativity definitely jumped out when this Texas father decide to start a YouTube channel with his 8 year-old daughter. .When speaking to 13WMAZ Javoris stated “I feel like, right now, If you pay attention to everything that’s going on in the U.S., it’s more important now than ever to make sure that the kinds understand that they matter, you’re special, and they’re unique.”

Javoris Hollingsworth, originally hailing from Jeffersonville, Georgia, creates content to empower children of color with the help of his daughter Gracelyn. Many of the videos shine spotlight on location, as a sort of homage to his roots in Central Georgia. What calls our attention is the authenticity.  Each original song was not only written and produced by Javoris and recited by Catelyn, they have a message behind them.  The latest Gracie’s Corner episode titled “I Love My Hair” encourages kids to be proud of their natural crown, no matter the style. The afro puffs, locs, and braids on the animated characters along with dance beats provides respectable representation for the culture. The diverse mix of Reggae, African, pop, and hip hop music makes it a great show to entertain the kids, yet still not driving mom up the wall.  Check out a few of these episodes and let us know what you think!

1. Tik Tok Gracies_CornerTV

2. I Love My Hair

3. The Counting Song

4. Row Your Boat

5. Clean Up (Remix)

6. Colors

7. Opposites Song

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