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Jason Derulo 2020

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There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world, but Jason Derulo‘s love for a muscle shirt has never wavered.

That said, the singer-songwriter-dancer has been trending online nonstop and we love to see it because, above all else, he’s stayed true to himself. Most recently, Jason’s been showing off some true potential for a career in comedy, taking over TikTok with skits, choreography, and of course, tank tops of different varieties. 

In one clip, he pokes fun at the difference in quality between Uber Eats, Postmates, and Grub Hub delivery drivers.

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He also loves to show off his cooking skills.

… as well as his love for eating, although it looks like he lost some teeth filming this??

Besides that unfortunate incident, he seems to be better at TikTok than everyone else.

His video to LPB Poody’s song “Address It” is one of his most popular… fans are mimicking him nonstop. 


Clearly, Jason Derulo is winning Quarantine 2020… keep scrolling for a ton more muscle tank galore, during and before quarantine, because why not?

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1. Muscle shirt/hoodie combo.

2. Thanking TikTok for 18 million followers.

3. Muscle shirt/V-Neck combo.

4. Barely there tank.

5. Chillin’ in Fiji.

6. 1Oak ‘fit.

7. In front of the Hollywood sign.

8. Relaxing out in Dubai.

9. The floating waffle.

10. Y’all here for it or nah? Let us know.

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