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Sugar Factory Mall Of America Grand Opening With DJ Pauly D

Source: Adam Bettcher / Getty

The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t subsided just yet, but the good news is we’re finally adjusting to this new reality. 

From learning to love our most natural selves to connecting with our loved ones via social media, we’ve got this #StayHome situation mastered… kind of. It isn’t easy but one upshot has definitely been clean-faced men turning into bearded papis. The fellas can’t hit the barbershop right now and many don’t have the DIY skills necessary to give themselves a cut, so they’ve turned into #BeardedBaes and we’re not mad at it at all. 

Pauly D’s transformation went viral, for example. Pauly prior to the pandemic…

Pauly now…


We’re simply… at a loss for words.


Fans are definitely taking notice.

But many are also calling attention to the fact that he’s looking VERY… melanated.

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One thing’s for sure, Pauly’s beard is inciting thirst all over social media. 

And fans want it to STAY.

Are you into the Jersey Shore star’s new look? Chime in and let us know how you feel. We say keep the beard & chill out on the tan, Pauly.