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Kyla Pratt has always been GOALS, so OF COURSE the ageless beauty went viral when she popped up on Insecure over the weekend. 

At 33, she still looks exactly how she did in the early ’00s, when we were getting to know her as Breanna Barnes in One On One. The truth is, she’s had a stellar career — and stayed true to herself and the culture in the process. Kyla played a young Monica in cult classic film Love & Basketball. She voiced Penny Proud in fan-favorite animated series The Proud Family. 

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From Smart Guy to Sister, Sister, The Parkers, Moesha, Family Matters, and even Lizzie McGuire, she’s been a part of many of our favorite on-screen childhood memories. So, we’re so happy to know she’s still doing what she loves. And ICYMI, Kyla’s all set to reunite with her Proud Family crew to voice Penny in the upcoming reboot, The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder

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Ahead of that release, she joined Issa Rae and crew this past Sunday and reminded us why we f*ck with her so hard. Appearing with her gang of girls at a paint n’ sip, Kyla admonishes a friend who forgot to bring a bottle. “Damn girl, the ‘sip’ is the whole point,” she said in true Kyla Pratt fashion. Of course, Issa is overly prepared and it doesn’t take much more than that to bond. “Well I’m not gonna finish this whole bottle,” Issa says, jug in hand. “So if y’all want any of this Pinot, let ME know.” 

“This is my last weekend as a single b*tch, so we will definitely take you up on that” Kyla hilariously responds, as she is playing a bachelorette in the highly anticipated episode. Check out more photos of what Kyla’s looking like these days below and tune into Insecure on HBO for her most recent small screen appearance. She fit in with the cast flawlessly. 

1. She literally hasn’t aged a day.

2. We love her style.

3. That youthful glow.

4. Forever young.

5. Rock n’ roll chic.

6. Beautiful as ever.

7. Kyla, the one and only.

8. A flawless dream.

9. Glo’ed up.

10. We love you, Kyla!!

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