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Young female artist is in her painting studio

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The chatter about artificial intelligence (AI) technology’s effects on various industries is terrifying for many professionals. However, one Twitter user used the innovative technology to share which industries will likely not be effected by AI and robots. Check out a list of careers inside.

Since the news of the impending WGA Strike, many people are concerned with the effects AI might have on their respective careers. It’s tough to replace pure humanity with a robot, but jobs in the service industry like estheticians are seeing the effects already. One video showed a customer getting her lashes done solely by a robot.

Still, nothing beats the connection between humans, and that is the danger AI brings to several industries. Fortunately for some, Twitter user Isaac Hayes III shares that at least these 25 jobs will still need us humans in the future.

Hayes asked the AI software known as Chat GPT to, “write a list of 25 jobs that will likely not be able to be performed by artificial intelligence and robots.”

His findings include jobs like psychologists, artists, elementary school teachers, event planners, actors, speech pathologists, and professional athletes. So, let’s encourage our young leaders to find more humane routes to pursue professionally or else we might all end up becoming customer service representatives like the characters in Prime Video’s “Upload” series.

It’s wild that we have to consider which professions to choose based on the growth of robots and AI, but it’s sadly a reality we must face. It’s happening whether we like it or not. Keep in mind: These careers could definitely still be effected in the future, but “likely” not.

Check out the 25 professions that will likely not be effected by AI or robots below:

1. Artists

Young female artist is in her painting studio Source:Getty

2. Psychologists

A young Caucasian woman benefits from empathetic therapy sessions with her compassionate psychotherapist Source:Getty

3. Social Workers

Social worler talking to teenager at home Source:Getty

4. Religious Leaders

In Christian Church: Portrait of Minister Leading Congregation In Prayer, Reads From Holy Book, The Bible, Gospel of Jesus. Priest Providing Guidance, Belief, Hope, Faith to People. Cinematic Light Source:Getty

5. Judges

Byron Allen's Oscar Gala Source:Getty

6. Entrepreneurs

Slutty Vegan Dallas Grand Opening Source:Getty

7. Medical Professionals

African american pediatrician doctor working at healthcare treatmen Source:Getty

8. Elementary School Teachers

African american teacher smiling and looking at students raising their hand in class during lesson Source:Getty

9. Research Scientists

smiling black scientist doctor student studying and experiment analysis test sample with writing report in computer. ambitious young biotechnology Specialist. medical science laboratory education. Source:Getty

10. Professional Athletes

LeBron James #6 of the Los Angeles Lakers sets the All time scoring record. Source:Getty

11. Chefs

Portrait of african american chef man baking pizza in oven Source:Getty

12. Diplomats

Group of confident intercultural male and female politicians in formalwear Source:Getty

13. Therapists & Counselors

Teenage Girl In Psychotherapy Source:Getty

14. Anthropologists

Facial reconstruction of enslaved African Americans at Catoctin Furnance Source:Getty

15. Musicians

63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards – Telecast Source:Getty

16. Event Planners

Small business Source:Getty

17. Childcare Workers

Preschoolers learning through play with friends in the classroom sharing a toy together Source:Getty

18. Archaeologists


19. Human Resources Professionals

Two multi-ethnic business people are having business discussion and consultation in the office. Source:Getty

20. Speech Pathologists

Cheerful female speech therapist curing girl's problems and impediments, cute child learning and pronouncing letters Source:Getty

21. Physical Therapists

Female personal trainer coaching mature adult client Source:Getty

22. Philosophers

W.E.B Du Bois Medal Ceremony At Harvard's Sanders Theater Source:Getty

23. Politicians

Phoebe Robinson Emcees Reading Partners' Dream Dinner Party Honoring Stacey Abrams & Questlove, With Special Guest, Savannah Guthrie; Co-hosted By Dawn Davis And Tara Westover Source:Getty

24. Occupational Therapists

The caregiver on the art therapy of a girl with a mental disability. Source:Getty

25. Actors

Actor Brian Tyree Henry Source:@graphicsmetropolis