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Jay Ellis, Christina Elmore on Insecure

Source: Merie W. Wallace / HBO

The fifth and final season of Insecure has had everybody’s Twitter fingers going off — and last night was no different.

Fans will recall season 4 of Issa Rae‘s hit series ended with a bombshell — Condola (Christina Elmore) announced she was pregnant by Lawrence (Jay Ellis), just as Lawrence and Issa began to mend their on again, off again situationship. With season 5 heating up, Insecure finally gave fans their very first look at Lawrence’s adorable mini-me. Unfortunately, his first few moments as a dad weren’t very graceful.

Sunday’s episode, titled “Pressure, Okay?!,”  begins with Lawrence not having a lot of input in his child’s life. He received a text AFTER the baby was born and to top that off, the child had already been named — “Elijah Mustafa.” The proud dad hates the name, but it’s already a done deal.

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Lawrence, who’s been flying back and forth from his life in Los Angeles to his new job in San Francisco, kind of pops in and out as needed. With her baby daddy coming and going, Condola feels like she’s taking on most of the responsibility (and she is), but Lawrence does want to take on more and it’s clear he wants more of a say in decisions that concern his kid. He wants to be involved, but Condola has been extremely controlling at every turn.

Not making things easier is Keke Palmer, who’s been cast as Condola’s shady, Lawrence-hating sister after a public bid to be on the show. The tension between all parties caused several arguments — Condola and Lawrence argued over what to feed ‘Jah,’ the baptism, and whether or not the baby could spend the night with Lawrence. Of course, it all eventually came to a head, but fans were just happy Issa exited the picture before having to deal with any of the drama.

It was a standout episode that got everyone talking about who was right and who was wrong. See what social media has to say about that, and more, below.