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The Equalizer

Source: CBS Photo Archive / Getty

Queen Latifah has stumbled on to a gem.

If you haven’t tuned into The Equalizer, you should get on that as soon as possible. Starring the rap legend, Lorraine Toussaint, Chris Noth, and Laya DeLeon Hayes, the television series follows a former CIA agent-turned-good samaritan, who is helping all those who have nowhere else to turn.

There’s a lot to love about the show: it tackles serious topics, while positioning Queen Latifah as the skilled gun absolutely no one wants to play with. But also, there are the relationships between mother and daughter (Latifah/Hayes) and aunt and niece (Toussaint/Latifah) that give you all the feels.

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Laya DeLeon Hayes plays a teen named Delilah who is looking to her mom and aunt for guidance as she goes through the normal growing pains for her age. All the women in The Equalizer are smart, strong, empathetic, and discerning. There’s not a one-dimensional role in sight and Hayes, who also happens to be cute as a button, fits right in as the perfect actress for the part.

The Equalizer

Source: CBS Photo Archive / Getty

The Equalizer

Source: CBS Photo Archive / Getty

Learn a little more about Miss Laya below and be sure to tune in every Sunday at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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1. Laya is 16 years old and will turn 17 in just a couple of months on June 22nd.

2. Laya was born in North Carolina and raised in Grand Prairie, Texas.

3. Prior to ‘The Equalizer,’ she earned a NAACP Image Award for voicing the titular role in ‘Doc McStuffins.’

4. She’s also played in ‘Quantico,’ ‘Raven’s Home,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘Liv & Maddie,’ and more.

5. We look forwarding to seeing more from the young queen. Salute her!

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