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Actress Monique Green

Monique Green stars as Olive Cooper in Disney+ series, Big Shot. | Source: Gilles Mingasson / Disney+

Back in April, Disney+ dropped Big Shot, an all-new series starring the one, the only John Stamos in the role of Coach Marvyn Korn.

Formerly a revered coach for college basketball players, Korn was blackballed from working at the university level and must now train high school girls instead. The series sees Korn go from an angry, insensitive, “big shot” to a loving father to his daughter and mentor to the new high school students he’s taken under his wing. It seriously gives you all the feels.

The entire cast of the series is quite talented, but we wanted to give a special shout out to actress Monique Green who plays Olive Cooper (pictured in the photograph above). Olive is a basketball player whose true talent lies in social media and we love seeing her work her Black Girl Magic to grow her fanbase. Not to mention, 25-year-old Monique fits in easily as a teenager at the fictional all-girls private high school, Westbrook.

Check out the official trailer below.

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Seeing all these new, up-and-coming beautiful Black faces on television is exciting and inspiring. #RepresentationMatters. More photos of Miss Monique, an Atlanta, GA native, below and be sure to follow her on Instagram.

1. Pretty in pink.

2. Naturally gorgeous.

3. When the sunlight hits.

4. Bikini bae.

5. Belle of the ball.

6. Look at that smile.

7. God bless her!

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