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Netflix Ginny & Georgia S2

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Netflix’s “Ginny & Georgia” is transforming the way television explores race, identity, and healing. One of the most important highlights in the second season is how they depict Ginny’s Black father on the show. To celebrate how much Black TV dads matter, check out a gallery actor Nathan Mitchell inside.

Mitchell is a Canadian actor, who is best known for his role as Earving/Black Noir in the Amazon Prime Video series “The Boys,” based on the comic book series of the same name. Mitchell launched his acting career in 2007 with a recurring role on the series “Aliens in America.”

The 34-year-old talent portrays Zion on Netflix’s “Ginny & Georgia,” starring Atonia Gentry, Brianna Howey and Tameka Griffiths. Zion is the father to Gentry’s character Ginny, who is famed photographer and world traveler. In an effort to not stand in Zion’s way, Georgia (Howey) left with Ginny when she was very young.

Now, Zion has moved closer to Ginny, Georgia and Ginny’s younger brother Austin to be more active in his only daughter’s life.

He has been proactive in getting Ginny help as she struggles with self-harm. When Zion discovered the marks from her self-harming, he immediately suggested therapy in exchange for not telling her mom Georgia.

Another precious moment throughout the second season is how he has been able to support Georgia and her first real Black friend Bracia, played by Griffiths. They share a moment snapping portraits, so that Bracia could have photos that properly represented her beautiful brown skin for the school play she stars in.

“Ginny & Georgia” Season 2 is addressing issues of race, identity, healing and growth. One of our favorite contributions to this season is how they show Zion as a wonderful Black father. Though Zion has made self-serving choices in the past, the show depicts him as a Black dad who stepped up to the plate. This sort of writing is rare in television and it’s refreshing to see.

Be sure to catch the latest season of “Ginny & Georgia” streaming on Netflix. Let’s celebrate the show lending us our new favorite Black TV dad Zion.

Check out a gallery of Nathan Mitchell, the actor who portrays him below:

1. Zion

Source:Nathan Mitchell

2. Wait, Is He Our New MCM?

Source:Nathan Mitchell

3. He Just Might Be

Source:Nathan Mitchell

4. Side Profile, Still Cute

Source:Nathan Mitchell

5. The Boys

Source:Nathan Mitchell

6. Whatever It Is, We’re In

Source:Nathan Mitchell

7. Suited Up

Source:Nathan Mitchell

8. All Smiles

Source:Nathan Mitchell

9. Don’t Get All Shy Now Zion

Source:Nathan Mitchell

10. Seriously Though, Black TV Dads Matter

Source:Nathan Mitchell

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