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Nigerian movies are now added to our must-watch film list. The Nigerian film industry is growing, and more fans are sharing their love and disdain for the dramatic cinema across social media. 

These viral clips from Nigerian films are entertaining yet a bit over-the-top. Nonetheless, social media fans can’t get enough of the drama. The cinema of Nigeria is often referred to informally as Nollywood, similar to America’s Hollywood or India’s popular Bollywood industry. It consists of films solely produced in Nigeria and dates back to as early as the late 19th century and well into the colonial era in the early 20th century.

For more historical context, Nollywood can be classified in four main eras including: the colonial era, golden age, video film era and the emerging New Nigerian cinema thousands of fans reference today. After Nigeria gained its independence in 1960, the business expanded rapidly. New cinema houses were established and now fans around the world consume some of the highest-rated and performing blockbuster films.

Though many fans enjoy these particular motion pictures over the average American, commercially successful film, there are other fans who are sharing but not advocating for the overly-dramatic movies.

Take a look at some of our favorite viral clips from Nollywood’s greatest (or worst) films on the Internet right now. There is a perfect blend of all that the country’s film industry has to offer from Netflix Naija’s films about scamming to independent flicks that we scoured the Twitter-verse to find. There is also a groundbreaking film chronicling the life of a Nigerian lesbian couple included in our roundup.

Sit back and be entertained, because we promise you are in for a ride.

1. This Is My Desire (2021)


2. DIY Sci-Fi


3. A Film About Time Travel


4. Bring On The Action


5. Can’t Censor Love


6. Nigerian Prince


7. The Drama


8. Wait A Minute…


9. The Stunts, The Action!


10. Get Into It Yuh!

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