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Power Book II: Ghost

Paige Hurd and Michael Rainey, Jr. star as Lauren and Tariq in Power Book II: Ghost. Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

If you’ve been keeping up with Power Book II, you know Tariq is following in his late father’s footsteps in more ways than one. Not only has he set up his own intricate drug business, furthering his education and social standing in the process, he’s falling for two girls. If you recall, Ghost married his wife Tasha St. Patrick who was all about fast money, but cheated on her with his childhood girlfriend, Angela, who was a well-educated, by the book career woman. Now, Tariq is falling for Diana (LaToya Tonodeo), the daughter of a drug kingpin and Lauren (Paige Hurd), a peer he met at Stansfield University.

Like father, like son.

Power Book II: Ghost assets

LaToya Tonodeo stars as Diana in a scene alongside Michael Rainey, Jr. on the set of Power Book II: Ghost. Source: STARZ / Starz


Fans of the show wasted no time comparing the spinoff to the original, likening the newer cast members to the first Power crew. We can’t lie, the storyline is looking very familiar:

Ultimately, it seems Tariq is on track to becoming the very man he hated (and killed). Tune in every Sunday on STARZ to watch it all play out and let us know who you think the young guy should wife and why. Some thoughts from social media below:

1. Beautiful doesn’t quite cut it.

2. Pose, Paige!

3. All she does in win.

4. All Black everything.

5. Pumpkin patch pretty.

6. Serving face.

7. Heart eyes, Miss LaToya.

8. Spotted: a unicorn.

9. A lil baddie.

10. Too gorgeous.

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