The Daily Grind Video

1. 1. Nene Leaks has recently announced her desire to create a fashion line with the agency Beanstalk. Photo Credit:

2. 2. Heather Thompson, from NY, started her fashion career before the show, being the founding Design Director for Sean John. She now has her own shapewear line called Yummy Tummie. Photo Credit:

3. 3. Lisa Wu Hartwell, also a member of ATL cast, introduced her clothing design to the world named Closet Freak. She is no longer a member of the cast. Photo Credit:

4. 4. The O.C.’s Alexis Bellino started her brand, Alexis Couture, and has recently announced her second line, Alexis by Tal Sheyn. Photo Credit:

5. 5. Sheree Whitfield, of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, created a line She by Sheree which was shown on the show. She is turning this high fashion line to athletics. Photo Credit:

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