1. Rihanna poses for ELLE UK in 2013.

2. Rihanna goes chic for Glamour in 2013.

3. Rihanna gets fierce in Rolling Stone in 2013.

4. Rihanna bares her bikini body in GQ Mexico’s February 2009 issue.

5. Rihanna bares some underboob for GQ in 2012.

6. Rihanna keeps it sexy for Rolling Stone in 2013.

7. Rihanna spices things up in Esquire in 2011.

8. Rihanna shows off her fire red hair in Rolling Stone in 2011.

9. Rihanna goes badass for Complex in 2013.

10. Rihanna sports a darker look for Billboard in 2013.

11. Rihanna goes silver for her TUSH Mag spread.

12. Rihanna covers GQ Russia in 2010.

13. Rihanna shows some serious booty for Complex in 2013.

14. Rihanna keeps it fierce with Kate Moss for V Magazine in 2013.

15. Rihanna gets seductive for Max Mag’s July 2011 issue.

16. Rihanna brings out the red for Vogue’s November 2012 issue.

17. Rihanna bares it all for Lui’s May 2014 issue.

18. Rihanna goes dark for W Magazine in 2014.

19. Rihanna goes nude for Esquire’s issue in 2011.

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