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Kofi Siriboe has been stealing hearts with his dashing smile since he hit the scene. Siriboe is best known for his roles in OWN’s drama television series, Queen Sugar and comedic film Girls Trip. Today, Kofi celebrates his 28th trip around the sun sharing his gratitude in a recent Instagram post.

The handsome actor posed in front of a beautiful tree in an all white outfit and black durag in New Orleans. This was a representation of one of his more serious photos, but don’t be fooled, Kofi daunts a wondrous smile in many of his pictures. Fortunately for you, we created a gallery of his happiest pictures showcasing his vibrant smile and pearly whites.

Here’s ten times Kofi stole our hearts with that dashing smile. Say cheese, Siriboe!

1. Doing What You Love Is Always a Reason to Smile


Kofi shares his excitement that Queen Sugar returned February 16th. A huge smile on Kofi’s face makes perfect sense, because who doesn’t love getting paid to do what they love? 

2. A Fresh Fade Make Em Smile Like This


Nothing like a fresh cut or new hair do to make you smile from ear to ear. I know that’s right, birthday King!

3. Making Mama Proud


Kofi, his mom and two brothers share a laugh in this beautiful photo. His mom captioned it, “L.A.U.G.H.T.E.R. Medicine that Heals Tha SOUL. Priceless moments, Mama Bear and her 3 Cubs.”

How adorable!


4. Brb, We’re Obsessing Over These Pearly Whites


What a smile! Just look at this man. 

5. Black Boy Joy


It’s the Black joy for us! Isn’t Kofi’s smile infectious? He’s posed for the 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2020. 

6. All Smiles


Kofi, Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett-Smith are all smiles for this photo-op during a Girls Trip press run. Mr. Siriboe loves an all white/cream moment. 

7. Black Women Make Him Smile


Watch this short video of Kofi emoting his love for Black women. He can’t help but smile. 

8. Genuine Smiles


Kofi serves smile and a bit of chest out action in this photo. We love how genuine his smile feels on and offscreen. 

9. Look Up Siriboe, Say Cheese!


We love this photo of Kofi with a pleasant smile upon his face.

10. A Montage of Smiles


Thanks to a supportive fan and fellow lover of Kofi’s smile here’s a montage for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! We hope that Kofi is all smiles today for his 28th birthday!