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Today is Bianca Jasmine Lawson‘s 41st birthday and we couldn’t let the day go by without celebrating the talented beauty. To get straight to it, there are so many reasons we love her — did we mention she’s talented and beautiful? She also reminds us of the good ol’ days.

Back in ’01, the Queen Sugar actress starred in cult classic film Save The Last Dance, in which she played the ever so catty Nikki — a role that couldn’t be further from her real life persona, but we were HERE for the ‘tude.

You can do it, put yo’ back into it … is an ’00s moment we’ll never forget!

Also, Bianca DOES. NOT. AGE.

Save The Last Dance was 18 years ago, for instance. This is her now:

Unbelievable right?

There are a gazillion more reasons we [heart emoji] Miss Lawson. Keep scrolling to check those out and join us in wishing her a happy, happy birthday.

Bianca has this calming energy that radiates from her spirit. Case in point…

She loves her dad, who is currently married to Beyoncé’s mom Tina Lawson. She’s also so good with words.

Wishing him a happy birthday, she wrote “I think you’ve been a guardian angel for many humans. Myself included. I love you madly.”

Speaking of the Miss Tina connection, Bianca is stepsisters with Beyoncé and Solange… win!

Her skin has obviously been blessed by unicorns.

And that smile…

Little known fact: Bianca is obsessed with fractals and sacred geometry. Get into it.

She’s a total nerd and she admits it.

She’s a total feminist.

So intelligent and so full of positivity.

Selfie queen.

Constantly serving LEWKS.

And having fun lmao.

We could go on, but our point is Bianca is simply phenomenal. Happy Birthday, B.